How many of us live in fear every day of our lives, some of us not even knowing it? Fear is so predominant in our society, so commonplace that we don’t even recognize it for what it is. Where does it come from? One answer might be the ego. While it is ego-based, it is really a case of living from the past or the future rather than the present. Fear does not exist in the present, for what’s there to fear right now? Fear comes from projecting past experiences onto potential future realities resulting in the common thinking, “What if….?” The conscious mind thrives on this and perpetuates the feeling of fear/anxiety by bringing thoughts into the mix.

This process often times feels out of our control, as though it is running the show. And on some level, it is because it is usually and mostly unconsciously driven. The way out? Bringing awareness to it is the first step. Then bringing it into therapy as something to work on, either by way of energy work, body-centered therapy, breathwork, and/or hypnotherapy.  All of these modalities allow the client access to the unconscious material in order to bring it to the light of consciousness and then transform/transmute it.

The result? More freedom and peace, more choice, less anxiety, angst and fear and more empowerment.  It’s like taking the reigns of the horse back from the ego/mind and letting it know that you are now the boss of it!

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