ME-B Psychotherapy

Mind, Energy, Body (ME-B) Psychotherapy

The science of Mind, Energy, Body (ME-B) psychotherapy holds the philosophy that all of us have a true healed sense of self.  Our life experiences create false beliefs about our self.  These false beliefs create a false sense of self, which limits us from achieving health, life’s passions and joys. Uncovering the mind, body and energetic defenses that keep false beliefs (and thus a false sense of self) in place helps us open to a deeper sense of who we truly are.  Freedom and choice result!

Integrated ME-B therapy understands that each person has a spirit born to learn, teach and fulfill its task.  The core of this spirit is whole and god-like.  Unfortunately, prenatal and life experiences create internal “wounds” that distort our identity or sense of self and thus our ability to manifest our health and goals.

We do not become more by denying any one part of ourselves.  Rather, by meeting angry, hurt or abandoned parts with love, non-judgment and compassion, we claim our whole and can realize our individual greatness.

ME-B psychotherapy is different from other energetic modalities in that it works with and integrates all 3 systems (mind, energy, body) rather than just one or two. In doing so, true and lasting transformation occurs.

The founder of the Mind Energy Body Institute is Carolyn  Bucey Eberle MA, LPC, energy healer and CMT. She is an advocate of integrative healing.  The Institute’s mission is to expand the vision of therapy and healing to include an integrated approach working three systems together (mind, energy, body).

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