What is Between-Lives Soul Regression (BLSR)?

Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR), is a type of specialized hypnotherapy which includes and subsumes Past Life Regression (PLR). It was developed and thoroughly researched by Dr. Michael Newton, author of the books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

Once clients are guided through a past life, they exit the body and move beyond all physical limitations into spiritual realms of existence. In these realms, clients meet groups of souls that make up their “soul group;” they meet Spirit Guides; and they meet their Council of Elders: a group of wise, evolved souls who oversee their individual soul-progress and aid in choosing their incarnations.

Many clients request a BLSR session to learn about their current life’s purpose. In an BLSR, clients gain insight into their own soul nature, why they choose certain bodies and issues, and how they fit in their current incarnation on Earth. When clients access the spiritual realm, their true “home,” they report feeling peaceful, joyous, positive, loved and loving, compassionate, and aware of the perfection in all things.

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