Those Darn Patterns That Keep Us Stuck

Do You Ever Feel Like you keep repeating the same bad pattern over and over? That you keep winding up in similar, negative situations? Feel like bad things keep happening to you? Like your life is living you? Or like you live under a black cloud?

Jennifer did.  But at first, she didn’t. She shrugged things off to being others’ problems and others’ issues.  She was working at a job she loved where she had a lot of responsibility and also a lot of independence.  She made her own schedule and enjoyed the flexibility and creativity it allowed.  She saw herself as friendly, outgoing, fun, open, and easy-going. Contrary to her self-perception, her co-workers viewed her as aloof, intimidating, as someone who didn’t need any help and who shrugged responsibility off on others.

When this job came to an abrupt end, Jennifer was devastated at what she termed others’ passive-aggressiveness. She felt like they had pretended everything was fine to her face, but then stabbed her in the back in the end. She easily attributed her job-loss as a great injustice and decided to move on.

She then got a completely different job in a completely different field. She thought she was doing a very good job and enjoyed the people with whom she worked.  Everything was great, until she got a phone call from her manager requesting a meeting.  He let Jennifer know that all was okay, that he just had some things to discuss with her. In that meeting, Jennifer was fired. Again she felt a greatly betrayed.

Although quite despondent, Jennifer could no longer pretend that she was a victim. She was able to recognize a pattern and sought help so that she would not continue to repeat it and the pain it inflicted.

Through hypnotherapy, Jennifer got to the source of what was causing her to unconsciously re-create this pattern of deception and betrayal. In just a couple of sessions, she was able to change the pattern and enter into the work force with a newfound sense of security and confidence.

If you can relate to Jennifer’s story and have patterns of your own that are causing you pain and keeping you stuck, hypnotherapy could be a great solution! Give me a call 303-396-8084 and we can evaluate your situation to determine if hypnotherapy is right for you.

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  1. julie October 27th, 2011 2:56 am

    Thanks so much for your comment!

    So, quite the opposite when it comes to whether this was a deep issue. It was. It had plagued her most of her life and she couldn’t consciously change it. She had awareness of it, but that only wound up causing her frustration; awareness alone didn’t lead her to transformation. The solution does indeed feel like magic on some level. Through, in this case, hypnotherapy, the client was able to access her subconscious mind which held deep-seated beliefs and patterns that kept her stuck in her cycle. She accessed those issues in the hypnotic state and in doing so and working them, transformation and healing occurred.

    I am happy to discuss this further with you if you still have questions!

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