Somatic/Body-Centered and Movement Psychotherapy using Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

Somatic/Body Centered and Movement-Centered Psychotherapy focuses on using movement, body sensations and awareness and experiential learning through memories stored in the body. This type of therapy accesses deep unconscious material which holds patterns, beliefs and habits in order to release and transform that which plagues individuals.

Prenatal and Perinatal psychology explores our earliest development from pre-conception through early infancy and the profound influence of this primary period across the lifespan. This holistic, leading-edge discipline focuses on the body-mind-spirit connection from the beginning of life within relationship.

As a psychotherapeutic practice, the field of prenatal/perinatal psychology integrates a wide range of disciplines and perspectives, including attachment, early trauma, epigenetics, developmental neurosciences, infant mental health, consciousness-noetic studies, energy psychology/medicine, and biodynamic embryology. Prenatal and perinatal psychology specialists work in many settings (such as private practice, community mental health centers, holistic care clinics, and hospitals) providing individual and group therapy and psycho-education to help clients prevent or ameliorate less than optimal beginnings. They help expectant parents and young families learn to support wholeness, human potential, and optimal relationships and to mitigate and heal stress and trauma during this primary period.

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